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The Edmonton Strutters are a Junior Drum Corps from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They have also been known as the 1st Canadian Regiment and Wink's Strutters Drum and Bugle Band.


The Edmonton Strutters, founded in 1963, originally operated as the Wink Strutters Drum and Bugle Band, named after their only sponsor, “Wink Soft Drink Ltd.” The band toured playing half time games, at Edmonton Eskimo Football games, and various parades. The Green and Gold colors of the uniforms were a direct influence of the football teams colors.

In 1970, the Wink Strutters Drum and Bugle Band reorganized, and became the Edmonton Strutters Drum Corps. This would prove to be a drastic change, in not only profile, but in members' discipline and competitive drive. From the very start, the Corps took the image of the “Drum Corps” to heart.

Comprised of talented young men and women ranging from age 12 to 21, the Corps averaged around 80 members. The Corps included a horn section, drums, color guard, rifles, and drum majors. Sopranos, mellophones, french horns, baritones and contrabass made up the brass section; while bass, snare, triplets, timpanis, and cymbals made up the drum section. Together the Corps had a powerful sound.

The first tours as a Drum Corps took the group to British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and back into Alberta, were they were a favorite during the Klondike Days festivities. The Northwest Drum Corps Association provided most of their competition during touring dates.

They had a winning season in 1972 and 1973, but the summer of 1974 was a banner year for the Edmonton Strutters. With an extensive competition schedule, they traveled to Vancouver (Washington), Bellevue (Washington), Seattle (Washington), Hillsboro (Oregon), St. Albert, Red Deer, Calgary, and Edmonton (Alberta), Kerkrade (Holland), Rastede (Germany), and then to Great Falls (Montana), for the Northwest Drum Corps Association Class ‘B’ Championships.

Taking 10 first places, 3 second places and 1 third place, the Edmonton Strutters proved to be true contenders in a span of two months.

The Edmonton Strutters continued to tour and compete throughout the USA and Canada. In 1976, they reorganized once again, leaving their Green and Gold roots to dawn a new uniform and image. In 1977 the Edmonton Strutters Drum Corps, dressed in Red, Black and Chrome, marched on the field as the First Canadian Regiment.

Throughout the 1980's, the Strutters continued to perform their energetic and entertaining shows to the delight of audiences everywhere. In 1984 the corps then under the name 1st Canadian Regiment, merged with the Calgary Cavaliers to become the 1st Canadian Cavaliers for one competitive season.

The competitive spirit of the group maintained throughout the decade and culminated in a World Championship Finals placement in 1990, where the group earned a 9th place finish at the Drum Corps International World Championships.

The Strutters began rebuilding through the 90's after a decrease in membership. By increasing their overall score every year from 1992 until 1999, They earned their highest score to date at Drum Corps International Finals.

The New Millenium saw the Strutters take on a new look yet again, as they left their green blazer uniforms of the 90's behind and took on a more professional image of Modern white, green and black Uniforms. In 2004,the Edmonton Strutters joined with Allegiance Elite of Calgary to temporarily form a group called "Fusion".

This "Fusion" of the two groups brought Strutters great success as they made their way into World Championship Finals once again.

In Spring 2005, the Strutters organization went temporarily inactive. Beginning immediately afterward, re-organization began and the Strutters are expected to field again for DCI Competition by the summer of 2007.



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The Edmonton Strutters were originally a Class B drum corps with over 100 members, and toured Europe in the 1970's.

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